Dogs Can Get Strep Throat Too—Here’s What To Watch For

If you're a parent, there's a good chance that your child has suffered from strep throat at one point in their life. You may have even had this common condition one or more times. You might not be aware that dogs can also develop strep throat, so it's important to watch for the clues that can reveal your pet's illness. If you believe that your dog could have strep throat, you should visit your community animal clinic. The veterinarian will check your pet's symptoms and likely prescribe antibiotics to clear up the infection. The following are some indicators of strep throat in a dog. 


Strep bacteria in a dog's throat causes discomfort, and dogs will often cough as a way of dealing with this feeling. Dogs can cough for all sorts of reasons throughout the day. A dog that drinks its water too quickly may cough, while some dogs will even cough after they've finished playing with a chew toy. Try to be observant about how much your dog is coughing. If it has started to cough more than usual, this can often be a warning sign that something is wrong. In some cases, excessive coughing can indicate the presence of strep throat.

Low Appetite

Lots of humans experience a decrease in their appetite when they have strep throat, and a dog is no different. When the throat is inflamed and causing a significant level of discomfort, your dog may not want to swallow food because it can seem to exacerbate the problem. A lot of dogs have a good appetite when they're healthy. Strep throat may be present if your dog is experiencing a sudden and noticeable drop in its appetite.


Fever is another warning sign of strep throat in a dog, similar to how humans with strep often experience a fever. The best way to tell if your dog has a fever is to take its temperature, but not every pet owner may feel comfortable with this process. Fortunately, there are a number of symptoms that can alert you to the presence of a fever in your pet. These symptoms can include a runny nose and a decrease in energy.

If you've seen these warning signs that could suggest your dog has strep throat, visit a veterinary clinic. Contact a local animal hospital, such as Center-Sinai Animal Hospital, to learn more about the signs of strep throat in dogs.