Taking The Itch Out Of Winter For Your Dog

The winter itch – you get it and so might your dog. The cold, dry air, and heating the home with a furnace, can cause your dog's skin to become dry, flaky and very itchy. How do you help your dog get through the winter more comfortably? Here, you will learn a few ways to keep your dog's skin moisturized and itch-free.

Use a Humidifier

Forced air heating systems keep the house warm, but they also strip the moisture out of the home entirely. You have the option of installing a whole house humidifier that works with your home heating system, or using small, movable humidifiers throughout the home. Not only will this help your dog's skin stay moisturized, it will help the humans in the household feel better as well.

Skip the Bath

You may be in the routine of giving your dog a weekly bath, but during the winter months, do your best to decrease the number of baths you give your dog each month. The baths that you give your dog do help keep the smell under control, but they can also strip the moisture out of the dog's skin.

Note: When you do bathe your dog during the winter, use a specially formulated shampoo for dry skin. This will help rehydrate the skin and keep him or her smelling fresh.

Give Your Dog Supplements

Skin and coat supplements work wonders in keeping your dog's coat shiny and the skin moist and healthy. Small capsules or liquid forms of the supplements are available at your local pet supply store. You may have to try a few different products before you find the one that your dog is willing to take each day.

Feed Your Dog Olive Oil

Olive oil works naturally to promote healthy, moist skin. Add a small amount of olive oil to your dog's food or his treats to alleviate the dry skin from the inside out. If you notice areas of your dog's skin that seem excessively dry, you can apply the oil directly to the trouble spots for quick healing. One nice thing about using olive oil to treat dry skin externally is that when your dog licks it off, it will begin to work internally as well.

These four steps can help your dog stay comfortable during the dry, cold winter months. Your best bet is to start with a home humidifier. Introducing moisture into the air that your family and your dog breathe and live in each day will alleviate many of the issues that may arise from extremely dry air.

You can also speak with a veterinarian at a clinic like Animal Clinic of Buena for more tips on keeping your dog healthy in the wintertime.