Cat Cremation: Choosing An Urn For Your Beloved Pet

Losing a pet can be emotional, but giving your cat a proper sendoff with a memorial service and cremation can help to provide the comfort you need in your grief. Cat owners have plenty of options when it comes to urns for cat cremains. Here are a few options you can consider to honor the memory of your furry family member.

Keepsake Music Boxes

Keepsake music boxes offer a unique way to store your cat's ashes. They can be customized to include a favorite quote about animals, or they can even be created with an image of your pet on the cover. Depending on the style of music box you choose, you can even select the song it plays when you open the lid. Should you ever decide to spread your cat's ashes in a park or field, the keepsake box can remain in your home as a lasting tribute to your pet.

Picture Box Urns

Picture box urns typically have a wood exterior and resemble a picture frame. The front of the box holds a photo of your beloved cat, and the space behind the frame offers room for the cremains. These urns are a discreet way to keep your cat's cremains while still honoring his or her memory. You can also switch out the photo in the box to celebrate different moments in your pet's life.

Cat Statue Urns

Statue-style urns come in a wide variety of designs, but cat statue urns let you create a life-like way to remember your pet. These can be made of resin, and many are designed to look like different types of cats. This makes it easy to choose the right option for your cat, whether you had a tabby, Siamese or even a Maine Coon. By selecting a statue urn that looks like your pet, you can keep his or her memory alive and take comfort in seeing your cat curled up by the fire just like old times.

There are so many designs, colors and options to choose from when it comes to cat urns. Take the time you need to find the right urn option for your cat, and if you aren't sure about which option to choose, don't be afraid to talk to your veterinarian. Vets have experience comforting grieving pet owners, and they can often help you make choices about how to care for your cat's cremains. For further information on cat cremation, contact a company like Arkansas Pet Cremation.