3 Nutritional Supplements You May Eventually Need For Your Aging Beagle Hound

Beagle hounds are a naturally popular dog breed choice for several reasons—one of which is the fact that they are generally healthy dogs, even well beyond their youthful years. However, as your prized pooch starts to get a little grey around the collar, you can start to see some signs of health issues come up. While most of these problems are fairly mild, it is a good idea to know what you can do to help your older dog feel better. Here are a few supplements you may want to consider giving your mature beagle hound to help keep him feeling well.

Glucosamine Supplements

One of the few health concerns that affect the mature beagle is a condition known as hip dysplasia. This is a result of an abnormal hip socket formation, which some beagles are known to show signs of later in life. Hip dysplasia can be accompanied by arthritis and soreness of the joints, but can lead to lameness of the legs as well. Glucosamine is a supplement known to support healthy joints and tendons, and this nutritional supplement cannot be found in most dog foods. Talk to your vet and a pet nutritional supplement provider like Dot's Wonder Pet Products about getting your beagle on a healthy dosage regimen as early as you can. 

Urinary Health Supplements

Beagles, much like most other breeds, can suffer from urinary and kidney issues as they get older. These issues can cause urinary incontinence and even painful urination for your older pet. If you notice urine spots where your beagle usually sleeps or catch him whining while he pees, it is a good sign that he is dealing with some urinary issues. There are numerous supplements available for urinary tract health, most of which contain a combination of several vitamins and minerals and help to level the pH balance of the urine to prevent painful urination. 

Visual Health Supplements

Some beagle hounds do have vision problems as they age. If you want to support your beagle's vision, look for a canine supplement that contains vitamin A, lutein and other antioxidant ingredients. These nutritive ingredients support healthy vision and ward off issues like cataracts and retinal deterioration. 

Beagles are such lovable dogs, so there is no doubt you will want to keep your pup around and healthy for as long as possible. If you would like to know more about healthy supplements for your beagle, be sure to talk to your veterinarian for advice.