Why Cat Boarding Is Often Better Than A Cat Sitter

You may want the personalized experience of having someone come to care for your cat. A cat sitter will give your cat personal attention while you are away and your cat will be allowed to remain in surroundings that it is familiar with. However, there are still some reasons for why it may be a better idea to put your cat in a cat boarding facility.

Cat Boarding Is Cat-Friendly

Cat boarding facilities are built in a manner that makes them very enjoyable for cats. Cats receive their own condos that come with several hiding places for the cat to enter when they feel stressed. Cat condos are often constructed with high altitudes, which cats feel comfortable at. Since cat boarding facilities specialize on only boarding cats, they are usually much more quiet since they do not have dogs or other animals at the facility.

The Workers Are Cat Specialists

With both professional cat sitters and cat boarding facilities, the individuals who work for these programs are trained and specialized in how to properly care for cats. They are usually cat lovers themselves and know how to reduce anxieties and fears for cats. They will try to interact with your cat and know how to respond if the cat does not want to interact.

There Is A Vet Immediately Available

If your cat becomes sick, he or she will be much better off at a boarding facility than with a cat sitter. The facility will have a vet on-site who can treat the cat quickly and follow through with the administering of any medications. A cat sitter may need to rush your cat to the vet, meaning that there will be a delay in when your cat will be treated.

No One Stays In Your Home

A pet sitter is someone who continually stays in your home to sit your cat while you are away. This opens you up to liability if something in your home causes the cat sitter to become injured. You may feel uncomfortable with a stranger staying in your home for a few days. Also, there is always a risk that your belongings may go missing and you won't know if the cat sitter took them. Cat boarding facilities like Academy Of Canine Behavior allow for you to avoid these worries.

Ultimately, the decision comes down to what both you and your cat feel comfortable with. You will not want your trip to be ruined because you are worried about your cat or about what is going on inside your home.