Ready To Add A Yorkie To Your Family? Care Tips To Help You Be A Better Pet Parent

Yorkshire Terriers, often referred to as Yorkies, have been a favorite canine breed since given the name way back in 1870. Descended from the Waterside Terrier and previously called Scotch Terriers, Yorkies have outgoing, courageous personalities, respond well to training, and adapt well to living in a family home environment. But like all breeds, taking time to learn about any specific care requirements they may need is a wise course of action for families who are planning to add a Yorkshire Terrier to their household and lives. 

Daily grooming will keep your Yorkie looking their best 

In addition to a daily feeding regimen prescribed by your animal care provider and constant access to clean, fresh water, Yorkshire Terriers will also need to undergo daily brushing to remove dirt and loose hair and keep their coats from becoming tangled or matted. If children will be handling this chore, it is important for parents to make sure the kids understand how to comb and brush their pet without pulling too much or making the dog uncomfortable.

Periodic shampooing on an as needed basis along with visits to the groomer to have their hair and nail trimming services performed will also be needed. Your vet, groomer, or breeder can also offer suggestions for specific brands of combs, brushes, flea and tick treatments, and other pet care products your dog may need.

Daily exercise will help your Yorkie expend energy and maintain a healthy weight

Yorkshire Terriers are known for being high-energy, and it is up to their owners to help them expend some of it in a productive manner through healthy daily exercise regimens. In addition to regular walks, a few short play sessions each day can help prevent the dog from becoming bored while also helping them burn off excess calories. 

Simple games of fetch with dog-safe toys are something that Yorkies will quickly learn to enjoy. If the dog will be left alone for a part of each day while family members attend school or work, training them to spend time quietly in a comfortable crate can be soothing for the animal and help to prevent the development of bad behaviors, such as chewing on furniture. 

The process of selecting your Yorkshire Terrier should always start with a reputable breeder who has a demonstrated history of providing vigorous puppies free of health and conformation issues. These breeders want to know that each puppy they sell will be loved and cared for, so they are happy to assist new Yorkie owners by answering their questions and providing basic care instructions.