An Aussiedoodle Puppy May Be The One For Your Family

Are you ready to welcome a new furry family member into your home? If you are looking for a great dog for your family, then you should familiarize yourself with Aussiedoodle puppies. An Aussiedoodle is a crossbreed of the Australian Shepherd and the poodle. The combination of these breeds makes a dog with many great characteristics. Here is some more information on Aussiedoodles, so you can learn how great they are!

Aussiedoodles are versatile and easy going

One of the fantastic things about this breed is that it is so adaptable and easy-going. This is a breed that will fit into most lifestyles. When you want to go on a hike, play Frisbee at the park, or swim in the lake, the Aussiedoodle won't have a problem keeping up, and they'll have a great time. However, when you are ready to settle down and enjoy the day inside catching up on your favorite show, this breed will be content to curl up with you for some cuddles. Their ability to calm down inside makes them a good dog for any size of home. However, you should give them daily exercise. 

Aussiedoodles love to learn and please their families

Australian shepherds and poodles are both recognized as being amongst the most intelligent breeds. Not only are they smart, but they also love to learn. In fact, this breed does best when they are given jobs and worked with regularly. Since the Australian shepherd is a working dog, strong work ethics have been bred into the breed. Australian shepherds are often the dog of choice for cowboys because they have great instincts, are tough, and love to please their owner. The poodle is also highly intelligent, and they tend to love to learn and show off what they know. Your family may have a fantastic time if you get an Aussiedoodle and decide to agility train it. You can do this for fun or even enter the dog in competitions.  

Aussiedoodles come in many looks

Since the Aussiedoodle is bred from two different breeds, they can have many looks. Their colors can include red merle, blue merle, black and tan, black and red with white, sable, and parti. They can also vary in regard to their size. They can be medium or large-sized dogs. They are hypoallergenic, making them great for families with someone who has allergies. The breed is also known as a non-shedding breed.