Tips For Duck Pond Maintenance

Ducks are interesting to watch, and having a duck pond for them can be an entertaining way to keep them happy. However, ducks are messy, and an unmaintained pond could become unpleasant. Fortunately, you can choose several methods to keep your duck pond clean and healthy. Here are some tips to duck pond maintenance to increase your enjoyment. 

Line the Pond

Lining the pond will help you save money on your water bill. In most cases, an unlined pond will lose a significant amount of water. Sometimes, you are lucky and have a naturally-occurring clay layer that will stop your pond from leaking. Other times, you have to have to line the pond yourself. Be aware that ducks have nails that could rip many artificial pond liners.

Filter the Pond

If you have a small man-made pond but own many ducks, consider adding a pump and filter system. Ducks produce a lot of waste. That waste can change the natural bacterial balance of the pond and lead to potential health problems for your ducks. A filter can help trap and remove harmful bacteria. It can also keep the water clear.

Drain the Pond

When you build your pond, you might want to add a drain plug for easy draining. Draining the pond periodically can help restore balance, especially if your pond is small. If you have a concrete pond, draining can make it easier for you to clean. How often you need to drain depends on your pond size and type.

Add Plants and Animals to the Pond

If you have a larger, more natural pond, you may be able to keep it balanced by adding other organisms. For example, some herbivorous fish, like tilapia, carp, or catfish can eat algae and decaying organic matter. Snails will also keep the algae down. Some plants also help with water quality and filtering.

Use Additives in the Pond

Additive use is a personal choice. It can help you maintain a healthy bacterial and algae balance. Whatever you choose, make sure it's safe for ducks. Stay away from strong chemicals and cleaners. Ducks drink a lot of water, so too much of certain chemicals may harm them. If you have doubts about a chemical being duck safe, don't use it.

Duck ponds can be an excellent enhancement for your home, but their maintenance can be complicated sometimes. Hiring a pond maintenance company can help. Make sure you tell them you have ducks and other animals in the pond. If you have questions about pond maintenance or are planning on building a duck pond, contact a pond maintenance company for more information.

Contact a local pond care service to learn more.