Planning To Purchase A New Kitten? Choose A Ragdoll

Adding a kitten to your household can be fun for everyone. When it comes to kittens, there are many breeds that you can purchase. One of these breeds is the ragdoll kitten. Keep reading to learn more about this adorable feline.  

Temperament and Personality

Ragdolls will follow you around as you go about your day. Because these cats are much larger than standard cats, this is much like a small puppy following you. This breed is friendly and loving. If you sit down, they will gladly sit in your lap or sit next to you. These cats are active, however, and may climb curtains, run around a room, chase other cats if you have them, etc. If you play with your ragdoll regularly, you will not have a problem with this.

Expect this cat to continue to act like a kitten much after they get older. Play catch with them. Because they are large, you could even walk them outside on a leash. If you have kids, this is the perfect cat for them. They will not mind being picked up a lot. Because of this, you will not have to worry about the cat scratching your kids while they are playing. Instead of meowing, ragdolls make a soft sound that makes you think of music. 

Grooming a Ragdoll

A ragdoll has a thick coat that feels extremely soft. They do have long hair. How long their hair is depends on their parents. You do not have to worry about the coat matting easily, however. As long as your brush their coat a couple of times per week, you should keep your cat looking great. Because ragdolls love spending time with their family, they will enjoy this grooming time with you. 

You should also clean your cat's teeth and ears. Cleaning their teeth may be difficult so take your ragdoll to a vet to have their teeth cleaned professionally. This removes tartar that may be built up which can lead to cavities and infection. The vet can also show you how to clean their ears. While your ragdoll is at the vet's office, they can check their coat and skin to ensure there are no problems. 

Talk with a breeder that sells ragdoll kittens to learn much more about them. Many breeders have a website with pictures of the kittens that they have. Before you purchase one, however, look in local cat rescue shelters in your area.