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Four Health Conditions To Check For Before Buying A Havanese Puppy

Havanese dogs make lovely companions. They don't need much space, they're easy to train, and they have vibrant personalities that make their owners giggle. If you are looking for a small and personable dog, bringing home a Havanese puppy is a very wise choice. The breed is generally quite healthy, but there are a few health conditions, in particular, that you want to check for — or make sure the breeder has checked for — before you agree to purchase a Havanese puppy. Read More 

Want To Sell Your Home? Board Your Dog To Help With The Process

If you are preparing to sell your house in the near future, you may be thinking about everything that you can do to make sure the whole process goes smoothly. Going through the details with your family is important because you may need everyone to be out of the house at times. Since your dog will not be able to come and go on their own, you should make plans to board them to enjoy an ideal outcome with several steps of the home selling process. Read More 

Two Signs That You Should Seek Out A Veterinary Internships Opportunity

If you have thought about looking for a veterinary internship opportunity but don't know if you should go ahead and do this, here are some signs that this is the right type of internship for you to do. You have handled a lot of pet-related medical situations with ease One sign that you would probably enjoy a veterinary internship is if you have found it quite easy to cope with the medical situations that your family and friends' pets or your own pets have experienced. Read More 

Leaving Your Pet With Others While You Travel? Three Things You Need To Know About Emergency Vet Care

If you share your home with one or more furry friends, you already know how much they contribute to your quality of life. You undoubtedly love spending time with them and really appreciate how much richer they make your life. However, you also probably know that there are times and circumstances where you've got to leave them in the hands of others on a temporary basis. For instance, if you live alone and need to go on a business trip, taking your domestic pet along really isn't advisable. Read More 

Three Potential Household Dangers Faced by Cats

Are you fond of cats but have never owned one before? Have you been thinking about getting a cat and want to make sure that you're prepared for this new endeavor? Owning a cat can be a lot of fun, but it can also be quite a bit of work. Before you go out and adopt one as a pet, it's a good idea to educate yourself on potential issues. Although most cats are happy and healthy and won't need medical care aside from preventative vaccinations, they can face potential issues. Read More