Walking Your Dog In Cold Weather? Follow These Tips

When the winter wind starts howling, it can be tempting to bundle up and stay inside with your dog.  But going out and getting some exercise is actually good for your furry companion, even in the winter. You'll just need to make sure you follow these tips to keep him safe during the cold spell. Put booties on his feet. Dogs' feet are less sensitive to the cold than human feet, but they still can develop frostbite when the temperature is bitter cold. Read More 

3 Natural Ways to Help Your Dog Deal with Its Aging Joints

As your dog gets older, they may experience achy joints, which make movement uncomfortable. Dogs experience achy joints as they age much the same way that humans do, and their joints can develop arthritis. Here are three natural ways you can help ease your old dog's pain from aching joints. #1 Omega 3-Fatty Acids Check out the food that your dog is eating. Read the label and see if your dog is getting Omega 3-fatty acids in their regular diet. Read More 

3 Tips For Your Cat’s First Trip To The Veterinarian Or Animal Hospital

Taking a kitten or cat home for the first time is a heartwarming experience. But there's nothing very nice about introducing your new kitty to the veterinarian, at least from the cat's perspective. The vet's office or an animal hospital can be an incredibly stressful place for any pet, but even moreso for a cat that has never made the trip before. Here are three tips to keep in mind to help you and your cat survive the first trip to the veterinarian. Read More 

Why Cat Boarding Is Often Better Than A Cat Sitter

You may want the personalized experience of having someone come to care for your cat. A cat sitter will give your cat personal attention while you are away and your cat will be allowed to remain in surroundings that it is familiar with. However, there are still some reasons for why it may be a better idea to put your cat in a cat boarding facility. Cat Boarding Is Cat-Friendly Read More 

Are Those Flakes Of Skin… Moving? A Guide To Walking Dandruff In Cats

Flakes of skin are yucky enough as it is. When you look at your cat and see what appear to be pieces of loose skin moving or wiggling, that can be downright creepy! If you're having this issue, rest assured that your cat is not possessed, and you're not dreaming. Rather, your cat is suffering from an infestation with a specific type of mite called Cheyletiella. The condition is often known as " Read More